She is Niki

Founder, Muse, Model, Creative Goddess, Assistant and she makes brilliant coffee

The hawk-eye assistant of Ingenious Photo Genies, Niki helps the production process from planning the scene to pose the models all the way to spotting the grey hair on a grey coat. She is responsible for all social media content because she is nice. Most of the time anyway. She does pretty much everything but managing the camera and post production.

He is Mark

Shutter Genie, Post production specialist, Process Maistro, Founder and always in for a good laugh.

Mark thinks what he is doing is important but really all he does is just pushing buttons on the camera. Also Certified Grand Master of asking impossible questions in the middle of the session like "give me a sensual look and hold it" while you are in the wounded peacock yoga pose.

What others say about us

What others say about us

“We really enjoyed our photography session. In the beginning we were quite nervous, but at the end we were laughing and had fun. The photos are beautiful and Mark and Niki really are ingenious 😉”